Friday, September 6, 2013

Life Happens and We Adjust!

We got notice in early July that the house my kids and I are renting was being put up for sale.  So began the Great Summer Rental House Search, and thus explains the lack of posts on this blog! 

We found a house at the end of August and are just now in the process of packing up and making the big move tomorrow!  The good news is it's only 1/3 mile from the house we are currently in and $75 cheaper in rent! 

We have been blessed along this journey and coaching has helped a lot regarding finding the right balance with me taking two classes this summer (One coaching class and one Applied Behavioral Analysis class to help me get certified to work with disabled kids in the State of Idaho.), not to mention helping the kids get ready to start school.  My three older kids are starting public school for the first time as I have home schooled them for 9 years, due to me having to go back into the work force.  It has been amazing how things have come together and having my coaching triad from my coaching class, as well as the class time where we practiced and critiqued one another's coaching has been so helpful as we each take turns being the client. 

From first hand experience, I have found coaching to be quite beneficial and have signed up for a Group Coaching class starting on September 18th, which I am really excited about as it can benefit even more people with not only the coaching skills, but also with the group process involving learning from others along the way!

Coaching is a powerful service that can set you in the direction and support you where you want to go.  Contact me if you would like to explore coaching and see if it can work for you.  I am setting up an Introductory Rate 6 month special of $30 a session or $90 a month for three 45 minute sessions.  If you are interested, e-mail or call me today and we can schedule your first month.  And remember that the first Introductory session is free!

E-mail: or call:  208-966-4338.

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