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About Sheila

I was born and raised in Kent, Washington, in a large Catholic family of 8 kids. I was quite grateful for our family's large size, being the lucky seventh child and paired with an identical twin sister who squeaked in 6 minutes before me. In discerning what I wanted to study in college, psychology was my natural choice, and I ultimately earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a mental health concentration at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.

Right out of college, I worked for Catholic Community Services Northwest of Western Washington in residential care with kids ages 7 to 18 with behavioral and mental health issues.  I transitioned to working in CCSNW's Community Mental Health Program as a Children's Mental Health Case Manager and then moved to the Seattle area, transferring to the Foster Care program, working as a Foster Parent Trainer and Licenser.  I felt honored and blessed to work with various families and children, as well as devoted co-workers, for the 10 years I was employed.  In my spare time, I was actively involved for 8 years as both a trainer and counselor support in a church ministry to abused/neglected children called Royal Family Kids' Camp.  Currently, I am working with Family Support Services in Northern Idaho as a Habilitative Intervention Specialist, working with children who have neurodevelopmental disorders as well as their families.

Bryan and I are the proud parents of four children, two girls and two boys from almost 15 down to 8 years of age. We live in the Panhandle of Idaho.  The adventure of parenting continues to be an exciting one.

In the last 14 years, I have
  • Homeschooled our children for 9 years;
  • Dealt with medical issues with our older son;
  • began walking the road of autism with our youngest child, for the last 5 1/2 years;
  • Worked with sensory processing disorder and ADHD with our kids; 
  • Learned about biomedical treatments;
  • Worked with special dietary issues;
  • Remained involved in our parish community, volunteering in religious education and Vacation Bible School and becoming the Special Needs Catechist.
  • Participated actively in moms' groups, adult religious education and Bible studies;
  • Involved in the Pro-Life and Catholic Charismatic Movements;
  • Participated in a homeschool co-op and local school programs for homeschool kids; 
  • Learned about parental advocacy for special needs children through involvement in both the educational and medical systems;
  • Sought out community and government assistance for special needs children.

(Left to Right) Bryan, Sarah, Sheila, Rachel  (Front Row)  Michael and Joshua

This transition to become a Christian Life Coach has been an easy one for me.  It is a great opportunity not only to continue to be available to my children, but to use my God-given gifts in the greater community for His glory and your good.

I am excited to walk with you as you discover what your gifts are, to work toward your dreams and goals and to encourage you as they become not just a dream, but a reality.

As your Christian Life Coach, I will listen with compassion, ask thoughtful questions, offer honest feedback, gently challenge you, sincerely pray for you and celebrate with you as you become even more who God created you to be, a valuable member of the Body of Christ and a unique Reflection of His Image!

Call 208-966-4338 or 208-449-9019; or you can reach  me by E-mail me to set up your first complimentary coaching session:!

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  1. God has certainly called you to share the gifts He gave you, Sheila. You have a very special, beautiful, peaceful light about you that I remember from the first time I met you. I am so glad to see that others will have the opportunity to experience that light. God bless you and everyone you come in contact with on this journey!