Friday, March 29, 2013


Welcome to Reflecting His Image Christian Life Coaching!

If you and I were here together, I would invite you in and offer you a cup of tea and a comfortable chair as we discussed your goals, hopes and dreams and worked together to achieve them.  With the beauty of modern conveniences, however, we can do so from anywhere a phone line can reach!  Not quite the same as face to face, but you will find it quite effective!

This is a blog dedicated to encouraging you and, as any coach would do, asking powerful questions that will challenge you to grow and bring out things inside you that you may have hidden away for a while or perhaps didn't even know were there.  You may have a yearning in your heart.  Perhaps something just doesn't feel right.  You want more out of life but you are not sure what it is, or if you do, you aren't sure how to fulfill those dreams.  A life coach can help draw those hidden dreams out and support you in achieving them in a way that will work for you! 

My goal in this blog is to post about issues that relate to you and perhaps pull at your heart and inspire you to take the steps necessary to become who you envision yourself to be--better yet, who you envision God is calling you to be.

This life is short, and we all want to make the most of the opportunities granted to us, no matter our circumstances.  Perhaps you want to live a life filled with joy, contentment, adventure, satisfying relationships, and a sense of purpose with your unique vision lived out while growing close to God, seeking His will every step of the way.  When your time here is at an end, you want to have that deep peace in your heart in the knowledge that you have run the race God has set before you to the best of your ability.  As you draw your last breath, may the words you hear be the Lord's, gently speaking to you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

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