Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now offering Group Coaching for Parents of Special Needs Kids!

As a parent of a special needs child, making sense of the resources available, techniques to use with one's child that brings order  and peace to one's home is imperative.  Even implementing a special diet can be a daunting task. The recent government shut down and the state of our health care system impressed upon me the fact that we need to be more resourceful when there comes a time that help for our kids isn't so readily available.  With that in mind, group coaching becomes a valuable opportunity in which to harvest the collective wisdom of a group centered on a common theme, helping families find the answers and the support to make the changes necessary to positively impact their child, family and life as a parent.

Why Group Coaching?

  • Group coaching offers direction and the answers you seek as you consider where you and your family are now and helps to develop a road map taking you to where you want to be as a family.
  • Group coaching utilizes not only the benefits of the coaching process, but the opportunity to learn from others going down a similar path while encouraging/challenging one another to make the changes that you seek and to where God is calling you forth.     

Jennifer J. Britton, in her book Effective Group Coaching, states that,
Great group coaches bring to their profession solid group facilitation skills, as well as mastery of core coaching skills and approaches.  They create a solid and intimate connection with their groups, and listen for what the participants want is important to them, so that the group's agenda is respected.  Great group coaches adopt their style and approach based on the different needs, creating the space for clients to learn from each other and share experiences is paramount in the group coaching process.
Most significantly, group coaches distinguish themselves from other group facilitators with their strong focus on having the client identify and take action on their goals.  A key priority for group coaches is to hold the space for clients to be accountable for taking steps in achieving their goals and integrating their learning to their "real life" and work. 

What you can expect:

The Group Coaching offered with Reflecting His Image Christian Life Coaching will be in a virtual format utilizing a telebridge phone line around relevant themes families of special needs kids are encountering.  

Group Coaching themes for parents of Special Needs Kids include:

  • Social issues of both you, your child and your family,
  • Exploring Community Services, Treatments and Resources,
  • Faith Based Support- Having a sense of belonging as a valued member of your faith community,
  • Issues related to those with Neuro-developmental disorders (Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder)

The benefits of group coaching via telebridge line:

  • Coaching is done on a secure line with the ability to record sessions should a participant need to miss a session.
  • Coaching by phone takes into consideration child care issues, adverse weather conditions, limited time and finances.
  • Weekly Groups are intentionally small, consisting of 6-8 participants, confidential and sessions are for 75-90 minutes in length.
  • Participants are encouraged to sign up for an 8 week program with the option to include 2 Individual coaching sessions for an additional fee, yet at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching alone.
  •  Group times are offered during the day or in the evening various days of the week. 

Group Themes (PST)Tuesday or Thursday 7:00-8:30 PMSaturday
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Per Session/8 wk Program
Social Issues$15/$80
Community Resources$15/$80
Faith Based Support$15/$80
Neurodevelopmental issues$15/$80
Individual Coaching*Monday-SaturdayCall for appointment*2 (45 min.) Sessions/8wk +$40
Individual Coaching OnlyMonday-SaturdayCall for appointment3 (45 min.) Sessions/mo for $90

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