Thursday, April 24, 2014

What if...?

I'm currently working part time, as a Habilitative Intervention Specialist, with kids who have autism and dual diagnoses.  My personal experience, as well as listening to the stories of families who struggle with raising their children in this day and age, clearly exemplifies that we truly need "the village" to support us on this journey.  Parents are needing assistance in many valuable ways.

 Now, of course, all families need support, however, I would like to be so bold to say that in this day and age, with the government being the first to cut social services for those with disabilities, we need to be prepared to all pitch in to help those among us with special needs.  The private sector programs and associations that raise money to help our special needs kids, need to be supported.  There are a variety of treatment options, with the evidence based ones being gratefully covered by insurance.  However, there are also many treatment options out there not covered by insurance and some controversy with what treatments are best to use and whether or not diets are of any help with our special needs kids. Not to mention, families with special needs kids don't have a wealth of resources in my experience and are limited in what kind of treatments and special diets they can afford.   Oh, it would be great if kids could get a completely covered, full head to toe exam to see what is working properly in their bodies and what is not so that proper treatment can be utilized and healing could result!  Finding a doctor who is knowledgeable in biomedical approaches is a key factor and not always easily located or affordable.

In the mean time, families need to be supported in their communities and the various Churches need to be on the front line, not only providing financial assistance, but more importantly, volunteers need to be trained to walk along side these families and kids who are in need, especially when government resources become even more scarce.  Sounds a lot like the early Church, doesn't it?

I heard it said that the Church was always in the past, the social service sector of society, and I have confident that they, once again, can do an exceptional job as the storehouses of the Lord are limitless!  When I was in my early twenties, I was a staff member of a camp, Royal Family Kids Camp, funded not by the government, but by donors.  This week long camp was staffed by volunteers who were trained to work with kids with a history of abuse and neglect.  It's been going on for about 29 years now.  There are more and more resources  and ministries popping up to do just that with regards to children with special needs, such as  Key Ministry and Young Life, which has been doing such a ministry reaching out to teens with disabilities for years, with The Capernaum Project: .  I have the privilege of knowing the directors, Blaine and Susan Clyde who head up the ministry in Seattle, Young Life Open Door, which does such great work with these young people with such devotion and love.

How does a Life Coach play into all of this?  Coaching, whether Individual or Group Coaching, provides parents the space to explore what can help not only their kids, but their family in general, while also not forgetting the fact that while mom and dad are looking for ways to help their kids live out their potential, they also need to consider their own needs.  Parents of special needs kids easily "forget" that they need to give themselves some much needed "oxygen" (such as when an airplane loses cabin pressure) so that they can better serve their families.  What would it look like if you as a parent, had the space to discuss your dreams and make goals, not to the neglect of your family, of course, but to better enhance your marriage and family life in general?  What would it look like to see each member of your family achieve their God given potential and thus, positively impact the world around you?

If you would like to explore Life Coaching to see how it can positively impact your life, please contact me and if you are a parent of a special needs child, consider signing up for Group Coaching to not only learn from other parents, but be encouraged as you (re)discover dreams you may have put aside.  If you are drawn more to Individual Coaching, that is also easily arranged.  Please mention "Special Needs" to make use of the discount rate offered.

E-mail me or call today: or 208-966-4338 to schedule your first free inquiry call and discover what coaching can do for you and positively impact your family!

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