Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thinking Mom's Revolution's Mom needs our help

One benefit of having an online community is the ability to spread the word when someone is in need of help and support.  Truly, because of the fact that each of us is "Made in God's Image" we all can help in unique and wonderful ways when one member of our human family is in need.  On that note, I have been asked to pass along this message:

Melanie, aka:  TMR’s BK, Booty Kicker, is battling spine and liver cancer after having already beaten breast and bone cancer.
And on top of that she cares for her son with severe autism.
I can’t even imagine being in her shoes, as every autism mom knows, there are no sick days.
Help Melanie and her family out right now by donating here through Give Forward.Whether you can give, or if you can’t give, please share the link to this fundraiser.
You may think you can’t help, but you never know who will be reached if you share. One little click!
Be an active participant even if your bank account is empty :)Send your good thoughts, positive vibes, prayers and whatever you got.
Please do what you can to support this mother warrior in her battle.

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