Friday, October 10, 2014

Why is taking care of our selves so hard to do?

How many times do you say, "I need to take better care of myself"?  It could be eating better, exercising, getting a full night's sleep, taking time to refresh, or even getting yourself to the doctor for a check up!

As a parent of a special needs child, that seems to be magnified.  Yes, even parents of neurotypical kids struggle with balancing their time and making healthy choices, but it seems, with regards to the challenges some of our kids are facing, parents of special needs kids continually put their own needs off in order to make sure their kids' needs are taken care of first.  Some parents end up with some serious health issues, emotional or mental health problems, marital issues, social isolation, and the list goes on.  Additionally, single parenting, in whatever form it can take, (deployment of a spouse, over worked spouse, etc.) is itself a challenging situation, and when you add the complexities involved in caring for children with health issues or who are developmentally delayed, it can be quite worrisome trying to figure out what to do in those "What if" scenarios.

I am learning, along with the parents I coach, the importance of putting time aside to care for my own needs.  In fact, right now, I'm writing this blog all hooked up with wires as I'm getting a sleep study done.  The last one I did, I was pregnant with Michael, 10 years ago.  I'm in need of a new machine, so here I am, fulfilling the insurance requirements to get another, newer machine as my last one finally broke down.  I certainly can testify to the necessity to take some time for myself to get refreshed and in this case, to care for a medical need I have so I can take better care of my kids and have more energry for the various activities we want to be a part of.  Despite the teasing I was getting, falling asleep while reading to the kids or praying during devotions, I want to have more energy and clarity of mind, not only with my own kids, but with the kids I am privileged to be working with.  God has given me many opportunities and I have to do my part to make life more fulfilling, not only for myself, but to truly help others with the best of my abilities.  I can, in this case, do my best with the gifts I have been given, when I am well rested.

Here I am, living it up on a Friday night!

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  1. We recently started receiving Christian coaching in our home area. It has been such a great thing for us and our family. I recommend it highly to anyone of faith. You have no idea the good it can do.