Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How can hiring a Life Coach help me?

To give you an idea of how a Life Coach can help you in your life, allow me to quote from Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life, by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip Sandahl:
The most visible outcome of coaching is also the primary reason clients want coaching in the first place:  action.  Clients want change; they want to see results.  They want to move forward.  It is also true that "action" will look very different for different clients.  For some clients, it will mean achieving specific goals or performing at a higher level.  For others, action will mean integrating new practices or firmly establishing habits.  For still others, it will be paying attention to the more subjective quality of their lives.  In whatever way clients define "action," it will be a focus in their coaching.
 In co-active coaching, we would say that a second, complementary, and just as important outcome is learning.  What clients learn along the way helps them make continuously better choices and, ultimately, makes them more competent and more resourceful in the areas on which they concentrate in coaching.  In fact, it's this cycle of action and learning over time that leads to sustained and effective change.  Clients take action and learn, which leads to more action based on what they learned and the cycle continues.  Coaching is ideal for this process because the relationship is ongoing and is designed to focus on this inter-related pair.  All the coaching skills are used to forward the action and deepen the client's learning.
  • What are some areas you are wanting to change?
  •  Do you want to move forward but are not sure how?
  •  Are you having trouble maintaining the changes you are trying to implement in your life?
  • Think of the positive changes you can make with someone by your side, supporting you as you become more competent and resourceful in the choices you make.  
  • How will life look for you 6 months or a year from now as you learn how to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and live a more fulfilling life? 

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