Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You can make a Difference: A Chance to do an act of Mercy

We have been doing some fundraising for the Panhandle Autism Society as their Walk for Autism Awareness is coming up on April 11th.  Due to my youngest son having autism, we know the struggles families face having a child on the Autism Spectrum.  In fact, we have been a beneficiary of a $500 grant in the past which we asked for the purchase of a Vitamix to help with food preparation for Joshua, my son.

I also have the privilege of working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities and know of the struggles families like ours have on a daily basis.  Simple things we all take for granted are huge challenges for a child with this diagnosis.  For example, many kids have huge sensory issues.  Joshua, for example, has a high need for deep joint compression and when he was little, would jump from heights that would make your heart stop.  Kids on the autism spectrum have highly arroused sensory issues and get overwhelmed easily.  We work with them to help them learn to manage and regulate their emotions, as well as learn to communicate their needs.

Families need support in helping their kids become their best selves and the journey is not easy. They need understanding and support as well as practical resources.  The Panhandle Autism Society provides education, resources via a lending library, support groups and grants.  They are trying to raise $5000 to start more support groups for kids and their families and need our help.

We set up a fundraising page and hope to do our part and raise $1000.  We are 4 days from the deadline and only need to raise a little more than $312 to meet our goal.  If you could help us achieve this goal, we would be forever grateful.  These kids are certainly made in God's Image and with autism rates now around 1/50 children, we all can do a little bit to help these kids.  Some of you may know of a child with ASD personally, and if you don't, you soon may as the numbers are only going up.  We need to raise awareness of the real struggles kids and families face of course, but this is a practical way you can help.  Please be as generous as you can and donate today by clicking on this link.  Thank you, so much and God bless you!

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