Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cross Roads

A new school year is upon us and students everywhere are heading back to school. This is a great oppurtunity to re-evaluate and reflect upon on one's values and goals. 


Students in high schools, colleges and universities are trying to plan out the next phase of their lives.  Adults making a career change or getting back into the workforce are discovering all the opportunities there are to grow professionally. There are so many choices of classes to explore and skills to develop!  Academic advisors are great resources. However, talking to a Life Coach can give even more direction, with space to discover one's gifts, values and the support needed to fulfill one's goals.
Many students are trying to discover what their lives purposes.  What talents and  gifts do they have?  What gives them energy and excites them?  The ever-rising costs of a college education makes their  academic decisions vital when living on a student's budget.   Life Coaching is a great investment for one's future.  Fortunately, Reflecting His Image is  willing to work with a student's budget to make it affordable.  

Contact Sheila today and set up your free inquiry session.  Discover what Life Coaching can do for you!  When given the space to go deep with thought provoking questions, you can pursue the driving force of your life.  Living a balanced life to the fullest is what it is all about!

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